Reliability Standards - For The Utility Industry

Reliability Standards Monitor

RegScan™ announces the Reliability Standards Monitor — a monthly publication on the United States mandatory standards subject to enforcement. The update includes a breakdown of updates organized by each agency and includes a legislative action classification, summary of the information and RegScan™'s exclusive Business Impact.

Reliability Standards Audit Protocol

Audit Protocols allow you to tailor a list of checklist items pertinent to your organization's needs, helping to eliminate clutter and confusion and increase effeciency across your facilities and operations. Our Audit Protocols can be shared between licensed users of the RegScan One™ platform, exported to Microsoft Excel®, PDF, XML/Partner Systems and more.

Agencies Covered

  • (BAL) Resource and Demand Balancing
  • (CIP) Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • (COM) Communications
  • (EOP) Emergency Preparedness and Operations
  • (FAC) Facilities Design, Connections, and Maintenance
  • (INT) Interchange Scheduling and Coordination
  • (IRO) Interconnection Reliability Operations and Coordination
  • (MOD) Modeling, Data, and Analysis
  • (NUC) Nuclear
  • (PER) Personnel Performance, Training, and Qualifications
  • (PRC) Protection and Control
  • (TOP) Transmission Operations
  • (TPL) Transmission Planning
  • (VAR) Voltage and Reactive
  • FERC - Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
  • NERC - North American Electric Reliability Corporation
 Last modified: July 09th, 2018